Relocation Tips

All good moves require preparation and planning of every aspect of your relocation, and when dealing with the utilities, it is important to remember that through proper utility disconnection and connection, you can help make your move more comfortable for you and your family. We are committed to providing a comprehensive resource that can guide you through the complexity of your moving process.

  1. Notify the post office of your address change. You can use the USPS online form.
  2. Confirm that the utilities accounts at your new appartment are in your name. (make sure you have been closed them at your old home).
  3. Verify that all of the following have your new address: banks, credit cards, IRS, loans, insurance, accountant.
  4. Schedule a time get your driver’s license updated with your new address.
  5. Contact schools, doctors, and dentists to transfer your records to the new location .
  6. Make sure that friends, families, neighbors, and employers all have your new address.

To help you get started in your new place, we made a list of local utilities and other services providers.

Energy & Utility Providers

  • Con Edison

    Electric and gas service provider.
    Contact: +(800) 752-6633 or visit company website.

  • National Grid

    Gas service provider for south - east part of Queens.
    Contact: +(718) 643-405 or visit company website.

  • Time Warner Cable

    Cable TV, high-speed internet, digital phone service provider.
    Contact: +(800) OK-CABLE or visit company website.

  • Verizon

    Local telephone service provider.
    Contact: +(800) 837-4966 or visit company website.

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